Finding time to run after pregnancy

How long does a runner have to wait to race after having a baby? Obviously, this question is best answered by your doctor, but new mothers can generally start training whenever they feel like it. Of course, one big issue that didn’t exist pre-baby is “what do you do with the kid when you need […]

Five great reasons to run when you don’t feel like it

The Guardian has an interesting article on five reasons why runners should not give up on running. It can be easy to make up an excuse for missing a run, whether it be feeling tired, convincing yourself that running is bad for you (“hurts the knees”), or assuming that the weather is too bad for […]

Is Running Supposed to Hurt? Yes it Is

The Guardian has a good article this week on seven distance running tips. All of the tips are important and helpful for all runners. However, one tip that stands out is the common question: is running supposed to hurt?You may be saying to yourself, “Running is not supposed to hurt. It is important to take […]

Lower Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Through Running

When thinking about the muscles that are strengthened by running, most runners will think of the quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. While it is true that running does a great job of developing these muscles, many runners forget about the unseen, but most important muscle that running strengthens: the heart. Making the heart stronger through running […]

Returning to running

One of the most common stories in my local running club is “How I returned from running.” The story usually begins with how the person ran during high school, or even college, and then stopped. This running break often lasts as long as 15-20 years. These runners cite all kinds of reasons for getting back […]

Minimalist Running Shoes May Give Maximum Benefit

I realize that I just had a post about minimalist/barefoot running, but there appears to be a sudden increase in the number of studies that have examined this issue. A new offers further support to the theory that overly supportive running shoes might not be the best thing for runners. According to the Harvard study […]