How to Race Better

The ultimate test for most runners is running races. Running races not only allows you to compete against other runners, but it enables you to compete against yourself. There is nothing like setting a personal best for a specific distance. The following articles contain information to help you reach all of your goals when running races.

  • The Warmup
    In this section you’ll find out how to warm your muscles up for the race.

  • The Start
    This section has info on how to correctly start a race so that you are not completely dead by the end.

  • Running the Race
    In this section you’ll find info about how to tackle the course, including uphills, downhills, and the flats when running races.

  • The Mental Side of Racing
    Great runners know that you not only have to train your body, but also your mind to race well. Learn about the psychology of running races in this section.

  • The Finish
    In this section you’ll find out how to finish a race with a strong kick.

  • The Cooldown
    In this section you’ll find out how important it is to do a cool down after running races.