Five great reasons to run when you don’t feel like it

The Guardian has an interesting article on five reasons why runners should not give up on running. It can be easy to make up an excuse for missing a run, whether it be feeling tired, convincing yourself that running is bad for you (“hurts the knees”), or assuming that the weather is too bad for a productive run.

However, people who can convince themselves to go on a daily run set themselves up for great benefits down the road. As the article points out in one of the five benefits, running can be a great natural high.

Though some questions remain, the mystery was recently solved: the runners had not been lying. A high is experienced when the endocannabinoid system is activated by the neurotransmitter anandamide. Anandamide bypasses the blood-brain barrier easily, provides pain relief, feelings of relaxation, exultation, and dilates blood vessels to make oxygen flow more easily around the body (it’s even found in chocolate).

“Running is like eating chocolate” – now that’s a great motivator. Even better, the excuse that running hurts your knees is not only untrue, but, as the article states, research suggests that running can help strengthen the knees.

Therefore, instead of searching for reasons not to run, take time to understand the true benefits of running to motivate yourself to get out the door.

[The Guardian]

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