Egoscue and Running Injuries Part 6 – The Incredible “Runner’s Stretch”

This is Part 6 in the Egoscue and Running Injuries blog series. One of the interesting things about dealing with chronic running injuries is that aches and pains can become so common that you can forget that you have a problem. For example, I have long known that my hamstrings are incredibly tight.  However, due […]

Egoscue and Running Injuries Part 5: My Back Is An Over-Protective Parent

This is part 5 of the Egoscue and Running Injuries blog series. The work to get stronger and correct my postural imbalances continues.  As I have been discussing in prior posts, the focus of my Egoscue e-cises has been to strengthen the hip and glute muscles while trying to turn off the lower back muscles. […]

Egoscue and Running Injuries Part 4: Building Hip Strength

This is part 4 in the Egoscue and Running Injuries blog series. In my prior post, I described the first Egoscue e-cise “menu” that Matt from Oregon Exercise Therapy sent to me.  The purpose of the e-cises was to combat the serious postural imbalances that I have throughout my body. These imbalances put me at […]

My First Egoscue Menu: Getting Stronger To Run Faster

This is part 3 of the Egoscue Method and Running Injuries series. As I described in my last post, Matt of Oregon Exercise Therapy provided me with a menu of Egoscue e-cises after I sent him a description of my running injuries and photos of my posture. Are These E-Cises Too Easy? On the surface, […]

Egoscue and Running Injuries – My First E-Cise Menu

This is Part 2 in the Egosuce blog series As I stated in my prior post, my eagerness to use the Egoscue Method to treat my recurring running injuries led me to Matt Whitehead from Oregon Exercise Therapy. Although Matt lived too far away from me to schedule an appointment at his office, he told […]

Eliminating Running Injuries with Egoscue

Five physical therapists, two chiropractors, and two massage therapists. All of these individuals are highly trained in treating injuries. All of these individuals have years of experience helping athletes get back to doing what they love to do. Unfortunately, none of them could help me. As I mentioned in previous posts months ago, I have been […]