Finding time to run after pregnancy

How long does a runner have to wait to race after having a baby? Obviously, this question is best answered by your doctor, but new mothers can generally start training whenever they feel like it.

Of course, one big issue that didn’t exist pre-baby is “what do you do with the kid when you need to run?”

Ashley over at Food ‘n Fitness Diaries has a good set of tips for running post-partum. The advice includes running on a treadmill in your home and using a jogging stroller (when the baby is old enough). But probably the best advice is to have your significant other or other family member serve as a baby sitter.

Plan your long runs when you have a babysitter.

I do my long runs over the weekend when Cody is home. This way I don’t feel rushed, and I’m confident Hunter is well taken care of. I can also do my run outdoors, which is a huge plus. Before signing up for my race, Cody and I talked about his support being crucial. I had no doubt that he would have no problem with it, but I think it’s important to communicate expectations before jumping into something like this since it can be a bigger time commitment

Having a spouse that is willing to chip in to help you find time to train is a huge bonus. If your spouse is hesitant, explain the stress-reducing effects of running and how important it is to you.

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