What are maximalist running shoes?

Now that the rage over minimalist running shoes has lasted a few years, it was only a matter of time before a new fad developed in the opposite direction. Yes, there are now “maximalist” running shoes. Instead of the minimalist principles of reducing excess cushioning and stability to make the foot stronger, maximalist shoes are […]

The Best Garmin Running Watches

One of the coolest developments in running technology in the last few years has been the GPS running watch. The ability to track your workout’s mileage, pace, and calories burned is a great way to maximize training. Many companies make GPS watches, including Timex and Soleus, but the best known company is Garmin. Garmin makes […]

4 Great Smartphone Holders for Runners

Strava, Runkeeper, MapMyRun, Runtastic, Nike Plus. These are just a few of the great running apps for smartphones. With built in GPS tracking, these apps will record the distance, speed, and routes of your runs. However, in order for the apps to work, a runner must take his or her smartphone along for each run. […]

Running Fast with Compression Socks

Runners are always looking for every possible advantage. If someone told us that we could wear a certain article of clothing to run faster, we’d put it on in a heartbeat. Some elite runners appear to be doing just that by wearing compression socks in workouts and races. Compression socks are long, elastic socks that […]

How to Choose the Right Running Shoe

One of the most important choices a runner can make is what running shoe to buy. Running shoes not only help to absorb the impact force when your foot hits the group, but they also help to align the foot, legs, and hips. Running in improper shoes will probably get your injured, while finding the […]

Orthotics for Running

Orthotics saved my running career. Without them I would not be able to train more than 10 miles a week due to my severe pronation. In other words, my foot badly turns inward when I land, which puts tremendous strain on my IT-Band and hips. When my foot hits the ground, it leaves a print […]