The Road to Running Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions” is a common saying. My basic understanding of the saying is that people have a way of screwing things up even though they do not have any malicious intent. A Wikipedia article on the saying includes three different meanings: Individuals may have good intentions but never […]

Does a lighter weight running shoe necessarily mean that it’s faster?

When many runners think of a “fast” shoe, they immediately think of a shoe that is lightweight. It seems logical – the lighter the shoe, the easier it is for your legs to pick it up on every stride. However, lighter does not always equal faster. The Boston Globe has a good article on what […]

The 12 week marathon training program

The Daily Coloradoan has an interesting article about tips for marathon training. One great part of the article is a breakdown of a sensible twelve week marathon training program. It can be difficult to know how to correctly train for marathon. The 26.2 mile distance is intimidating. However, a high quality training program can be […]

Want to run a fast marathon? Pay attention to the altitude of the course

When choosing a marathon, many runners look for races that are close to their homes or ones in which their friends are running. However, in order to ensure the best time possible, it is also important to pay attention to the altitude of the race course. A recent study shows just how important altitude is […]

Gaining Running Inspiration from Bill Rodgers

With two weeks to go until the Boston Marathon, it is a good time to reflect on one of Boston’s greatest runners – Bill Rodgers. Few runners have matched the running success of “Boston Billy.” Between 1975-1980, Bill won the Boston and New York Marathons four times each. He is the only runner to have […]

Predict Marathon Times with Yasso 800′s

Have you ever wanted to know how fast you could run a marathon without actually running a marathon? Well, there is no way to truly know how fast a marathoner you are without actually running the full 26.2 miles. There is a workout, however, known as Yasso 800′s, that may provide a pretty good estimate […]