Building the Base for Hood to Coast – 30 Minute Runner 2.0

The more things change the more they stay the same. Although I’m shifting to a different training plan, my running last week wasn’t all that different to my old plan – minus the 10-20-30 workouts. Training in the “Introductory Period” As I mentioned in my post explaining the 30 Minute Runner 2.0 plan, I am […]

Always Injured? Try Running Hill Sprints

As I mentioned in my prior post, I am a big fan of the book Run Faster by Brad Hudson and Matt Fitzgerald.  One of the most interesting parts of the book is the discussion on “hill sprints” as way to reduce running injuries. Don’t Hills Cause Injuries? This was my first reaction when I […]

My Training Plan Got Me Injured – What Now? – 30 Minute Runner

If you’ve been following my 30 Minute Runner experiment, you know that I wanted to see how fast I could race a 5k with only 30 minutes of running per day.  In order to give myself the best chance to succeed, I decided to jump right into high intensity interval training workouts to help improve […]

RunnersConnect: My New Runners Knee Battleplan – 30 Minute Runner

If you haven’t been following the saga of my battle with runners knee, here is a brief recap. Last month, I decided to see whether I could run a decent 5k on only 30 minutes of running per day.  My plan was to use high intensity interval training, including the 10-20-30 workout, to maximize my […]

So, My Knee Hurts Again – 30 Minute Runner

When starting the 30 Minute Runner experiment, my hope was to help other runners determine whether it is possible to train effectively for a 5k on 30 minute per day of running. However, the project has sort of devolved into a lesson on why you need a good strength training program prior to starting an […]

Strengthening Hips and Glutes to Treat Runner’s Knee – 30 Minute Runner

So there is good news to report on the injury front.  After taking two days off, I was able to run on Thursday without much pain. I took it pretty easy and paid close attention to my knee to ensure that there was no irritation.  I also tried to keep away from hills and tried […]