Why is exercise good for the body? The answer may lie in a tiny molecule.

Why is exercise so good for the body? The answer has surprisingly perplexed scientists for years. however new research on the cellular level is shedding light on why exercise is so beneficial.

According to an article in the Boston Globe, the key may lie in a small molecule abbreviated BAIBA.

The researchers are still far from creating exercise in a capsule, but the early work published Tuesday in the journal Cell Metabolism has produced an intriguing clue. The small molecule, generated by muscles during exercise, helps convert normal energy-storing white fat to become energy-burning brown fat and increased blood sugar control in mice.

By generating this molecule, the body is able break down fat and gain better blood sugar control – two of the principal benefits of exercise.

I think this research is pretty cool because it offers proof that exercise not only helps you feel better mentally – it also causes physical changes in your body that promote better heath.

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