Developing a Summer Racing Schedule

Spring is finally here. The weather is turning nicer and it is becoming easier to get out the door for runs. It a great time to think about summer races. But prior developing your summer racing schedule, it is important to consider the dates, distance, and locations of your races.

Dates: It is important to give yourself at least 4-8 weeks of solid training before jumping into a race. Try to incorporate at least a few speed workouts such as fartleks or hill workouts. While the routine training run is important, speed workouts are essential in preparing your body for the pace of a race.

What Distance: The right race distance really depends on the type of training that you have been able to accomplish. For example, it is probably not a good idea to run a marathon as part of your summer racing if you have not been able to run a few 20 mile long runs. Also, don’t jump into a race with a hilly course without training on hills beforehand.

What Race: Once you have determined the time and distance for your race, the selection of the actual race depends on your location. Running in the USA is a good resource for checking out races near you. You may also want to look for races sponsored by your favorite charity.

You will also have to ask yourself how far you want to drive to get to a course. Remember that races are usually in the morning, so be cautious about choosing a race that is more than one hour from your house.

Best of luck with your training this summer! Here’s hoping that you have the best summer of races ever.

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