Running is key to slowing the harmful effects of the aging process

A common concern of most people is to find ways to hold off the harmful effects of the aging process. From heart disease, to cancer, to diabetes, the human body is subject to numerous risks as we get older. The New York Times has an interesting article today on just how important exercise, such as […]

The 12 week marathon training program

The Daily Coloradoan has an interesting article about tips for marathon training. One great part of the article is a breakdown of a sensible twelve week marathon training program. It can be difficult to know how to correctly train for marathon. The 26.2 mile distance is intimidating. However, a high quality training program can be […]

It’s okay to take a break: the importance of rest days for running performance

When you are in the swing of a training program, it can be very difficult to convince yourself to take a rest day. It seems to be human nature to think that more training, no matter how you feel, will equal faster running times. This line of thinking can destroy any chance of reaching your […]

Building a solid base of slow running will get you faster in the future

Run Run Live has a good blog post about the importance of building a strong mileage base of aerobic running. The idea of building a proper base is difficult for many runners.  Long slow running can be monotonous and it takes great patience to run the adequate amount of mileage prior to jumping into speed […]

Build and Maintain a Mileage Base to Improve Your Racing

One of the tough parts about racing is the long period of training leading up to a race. Some runners don’t mind jumping into a race without much fitness, but others want to be in the best shape possible. To avoid the necessary evil of planning out six months of training for one race, make […]

Running with Music

One of the best ways to break up the occasional drudgery of the daily training run is to try running with music. Many runners don’t leave the door without their iPod. However, will running with music actually help you run better? There are numerous studies that have found that running with music gives a psychological […]