Building a solid base of slow running will get you faster in the future


Run Run Live has a good blog post about the importance of building a strong mileage base of aerobic running. The idea of building a proper base is difficult for many runners.  Long slow running can be monotonous and it takes great patience to run the adequate amount of mileage prior to jumping into speed workouts or races.

However, developing your physiology through a period of aerobic running will give you the necessary strength to tackle speed workouts and races. Without building a foundation for your training program, there is a greater risk of injury.

Ideally, an running base consists of 6-12 weeks of long, aerobic running at a pace with which you could hold a conversation. During these, weeks you can throw in some fast paced strides, but it is not advisable to focus on intense speed workouts during the base building phrase. Save those workouts for when your body is strong enough to handle them. In order to reduce your risk of injury, only increase mileage about 10 percent each week.

There’s nothing glamorous about building a mileage base, but taking the time to engage in long slow running prior to speed workouts and races can really pay dividends.

[Run Run Live]

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