Increase motivation by joining a running group

One of the best cures for a lack of motivation to run is to join a running group. Running groups provide camaraderie and a support system that is impossible to replicate when running by yourself. Of course, running groups can also have drawbacks if the workouts are not right for your level of running, or […]

To avoid burnout, it is critical to understand the role genetics plays in running

One of the most difficult obstacles in maintaining the motivation to run is the tendency to compare yourself with other runners. It can be difficult to accept when someone you know is able to run faster than you with less training. In order to overcome the frustration of not running as fast as others, it […]

Five great reasons to run when you don’t feel like it

The Guardian has an interesting article on five reasons why runners should not give up on running. It can be easy to make up an excuse for missing a run, whether it be feeling tired, convincing yourself that running is bad for you (“hurts the knees”), or assuming that the weather is too bad for […]

How to Set Successful Running Goals

The beginning of the new year provides an excellent chance to evaluate the current state of your running and set new running goals. It doesn’t matter if your goal is a 4 minute mile or 4 hour marathon, setting firm goals is a critical way to motivate yourself to train hard and keep focused. Here […]

Running Attitude

Motivating Yourself to Run