In the Running Tips Podcast, Casey from The Runner's Resource provides quick summaries of the best running tips to improve your running.  The tips include advice and information on training, racing, nutrition, sports psychology, marathons, running shoes, and much more. Check out the podcast eipsodes and leave a review on iTunes

Running Tips Podcast Episode 005: How to Hydrate Before a Workout or Race

In order to maximize running performance, it is critical to drink enough fluids before a race or workout. But how much to drink?  It is obviously important to drink enough so that you don’t become dehydrated, but runners must also be careful about over hydrating. In this episode, Casey talks about the best way to […]

Running Tips Podcast 004: Setting The Right Running Goals

Most runners know that setting goals is a critical part of a successful training program. Having goals helps to structure your training plan and provides motivation to get out the door and run when you don’t feel like it. However, many runners focus on the wrong types of goals, which can be very harmful on […]

Running Tips Podcast 003: When To Change Your Running Shoes

In order to minimize the chance of injury and maximize training, it is important to change your running shoes before they wear out. Due to the price and time it takes to shop for new shoes many runners run far too long in old, worn out shoes. In this episode of the Running Tips Podcast, […]

Running Tips Podcast 002: How to Stay Relaxed During Workouts and Races

“Stay relaxed!” Runners hear this all of the time from spectators and coaches. Although it is good advice, it is also much easier said than done. When our bodies feel pain and exhaustion from running, the natural tendency is for our muscles to tense up. Unfortunately, tensing up just makes matters worse. It is so […]

Running Tips Podcast 001: How Fast to Run During Your Easy Runs

One of the biggest mistakes that runners make is to run too fast on their recovery runs. It is so easy to get carried away with recovery days and run much faster than you should.  Unfortunately, this practice can lead to overtraining and injuries. Sometimes the body needs to rest. Especially after hard workouts and […]