Study: Cycling is better than running. What do you think?

Cyclists and runners both like to think that their preferred mode of exercise is the best. However, a recent study offers support that cycling is the optimal way to invest your exercise time. According to principal investigator Professor David Nieman at the ASU HPL the results showed that cycling allows the body to exercise for […]

Water Running Exercises

Keeping Fit By Cross Training

Strength Training for Runners

Best Machines to Use at the Gym

Treadmill, elliptical, or stairclimber? What is the best machine to use at the gym? There are so many options for achieving aerobic fitness in gyms these days. Each option has their own positives and negatives, but the most important question is what machine will get you in the best shape? There have been a number […]

Isometric Exercises for Runners

When many people think of muscle strengthening exercises, the first thing that comes to mind is weight lifting. However, squats, bench press, and dumbbell curls are not the only one way to build muscle. Perhaps the most important muscle exercises for runners do not involve lifting weights, but rather only require contracting and releasing muscles, […]