Postural Restoration Institute – Hope For My Running Injuries?

As a runner, is there anything worse than injuries? Good lord! As I’ve chronicled in my prior posts, I’m battling the dreaded injury bug on two fronts: (1) a nasty case of runner’s knee localized on my inner knee, and (2) a recurrence of a terrible upper back/trapezius pain that I mistakenly thought I had […]

Getting Faster With Progression Runs – 30 Minute Runner 2.0

The 30 Minute Runner 2.0 experiment has entered into a new phase. After three weeks of base training with easy mileage, I’m now ready to start added some variety to my workouts – including the progression run. I’m still in the “introductory” running period of the Run Faster program, so these first few workouts are […]

The Consistent Secret to Running Sucess

Over two thousand years ago, a Greek King named Pyrrhus of Epirus and his army fought soldiers of the Roman Empire at the Italian city of Asculum.  Unlike so many others who attempted to stand up to the growing empire, Pyrrhus and his army actually won the battle. However, the battle was extremely costly for Pyrrhus […]

Running Tips Podcast 004: Setting The Right Running Goals

Most runners know that setting goals is a critical part of a successful training program. Having goals helps to structure your training plan and provides motivation to get out the door and run when you don’t feel like it. However, many runners focus on the wrong types of goals, which can be very harmful on […]

Building A Training Base: What Workouts Should I Run?

My experience of the “introductory period” of Coach Hudson’s Run Faster training plan continues. Currently, my running has only included easy runs to build mileage, a few (short) long runs, and a few sessions of hill sprints to build strength and help prevent injury. While my training has been fairly routine during these first few […]

Running Tips Podcast 003: When To Change Your Running Shoes

In order to minimize the chance of injury and maximize training, it is important to change your running shoes before they wear out. Due to the price and time it takes to shop for new shoes many runners run far too long in old, worn out shoes. In this episode of the Running Tips Podcast, […]