How to Run Faster

Want to learn how to run faster and get into the best shape possible? Well, you must learn how to workout correctly. Although running largely consists of steady runs from 30 minutes to 60 minutes in length, there are many other running workouts that are important for running success. A successful training program should incorporate the proper of amount of base mileage, followed by long runs and speed workouts that are run at the correct pace. Here are some articles about the best workouts for runners who want to learn how to run properly.

  • Building a Mileage Base
    In this section you’ll find information on how to run steady, training runs in order to build endurance and prepare your body for the speed workouts described below.

  • The Long Run
    In this section you’ll learn how to run “long runs” into your running program. The section provides info on how far the run should be and how fast you should run it.

  • The Tempo Run
    In this section you’ll learn how to run a tempo run and how to use it in your running routine.

  • Hill Workouts
    This section will teach you the best technique for running hills and how to run hills as a workout to maximize your training. Make sure to check this section out if any of your race courses have hills.

  • The Fartlek
    The Fartlek is a workout in which sprinting and jogging is mixed, almost at random. The name sounds funny, but the doing the workout as part of your running routine is a great way to get into race shape.

  • Track Intervals
    Intervals can be the most difficult workouts, but they can also be the most helpful for developing racing speed. Check out this section to learn more about how to run intervals on the track.