The Road to Running Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions” is a common saying. My basic understanding of the saying is that people have a way of screwing things up even though they do not have any malicious intent. A Wikipedia article on the saying includes three different meanings: Individuals may have good intentions but never […]

Put Your Brain on Auto Pilot to Run Faster

Runners have a way of over-thinking things during a race. Have any of the following thoughts ever crossed your mind while racing? “Oh no! I don’t feel as good as I expected. Today is just not my day.” “Why is Jim/Sally/Megan ahead of me right now, I beat him/her by over a minute the last […]

Your Idea Of A “Competitor” Is Wrong. Here’s Why.

Runners often view competitors in races as combatants. Races are a “me vs. them” contest where one person will win and the rest will lose.  Some runners spend a lot of time before races stressing out about their competitors and worrying about whether they can “beat them.” If you really want to run to the […]

3 Rules That Will Make You a Better Runner

I have decided to take some time off from running and seriously address my runners knee issues with the RunnersConnect Strength Training Program. Although I’m bummed about putting the 30 Minute Runner program on hold, I’m using my pent up energy to catch up on some reading. One book that has caught my attention is […]

What The Inner Game of Tennis Can Teach Runners – 30 Minute Runner

I followed my advice in my prior post and took Friday off. I just want to make sure that my knee is going to be healthy enough to handle the rest of the 30 Minute Runner project. My day off was a good chance for me to reflect on my progress since my 5k race […]

Are competitive female runners prone to depression?

The Daily Beast has an important article on depression in competitive female distance runners. I have seen the affects that depression can have on people first-hand and it is very sad. With that said, I do not believe that running is itself to blame for depression and suicides. In fact, running is one of the […]