McMillan Running Calculator

The McMillan Running Calculator is one of the best running calculators on the internet. The calculator was created by Greg McMillan, who is one of the best coaches in the U.S. Unlike other calculators that merely tell you the pace that you have to run to achieve a certain goal time, the McMillan Running Calculator […]

Special giveaway for new running book, “Science of Running”!

Steve Magness, the renowned University of Houston and professional running coach, has just released a new book called The Science of Running.  This book looks to be packed full of running information. If it has even half the information on Steve’s great blog, it is a must read. For the next 24 hours, buy the […]

Nothing’s better than a cold beer after a run, right? Maybe not.

In addition to Powerade and Gatorade, one common post-run drink is a nice cold glass of beer. As shown by the number of fun runs with post-race beer gardens, beer and exercise recovery go together, right? Well, maybe not. A recent study has found that ingesting alcohol after exercise may hinder muscle recovery. Specifically, alcohol […]

Is it smart to eat within 30 minutes after running

Properly fueling your body is key to successful running. Not only should you focus on eating the right types of foods pre-run, but you also must plan to re-fuel your body after your run. Some runners mistakenly believe that the body needs food within 30 minutes after a run, but as explained in an article […]

Want to burn more calories? Run in cold weather.

Do you feel more tired after running in cold weather? There may be a reason for that. Researchers have found that shivering in cold weather for ten minutes burns more calories than an hour of moderate exercise. ‘We identified two hormones that are stimulated by cold – irisin and FGF21- released from shivering muscle and […]

To avoid burnout, it is critical to understand the role genetics plays in running

One of the most difficult obstacles in maintaining the motivation to run is the tendency to compare yourself with other runners. It can be difficult to accept when someone you know is able to run faster than you with less training. In order to overcome the frustration of not running as fast as others, it […]