Egoscue and Running Injuries Part 7: Am I Getting Faster?

This is part 7 in the Egoscue and Running Injuries blog series. I can’t believe that it has almost been eight weeks since I have started with the Egoscue Method.  During that time, I have learned just how tight and weak certain parts of my body, and how other parts are forced to compensate. More […]

Egoscue and Running Injuries Part 4: Building Hip Strength

This is part 4 in the Egoscue and Running Injuries blog series. In my prior post, I described the first Egoscue e-cise “menu” that Matt from Oregon Exercise Therapy sent to me.  The purpose of the e-cises was to combat the serious postural imbalances that I have throughout my body. These imbalances put me at […]

The Best Running Info and Deals for the Week of January 12th

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Diets Alone are not Enough to Maximize Weight Loss

Adhering to a good diet plan is a great way to cut calories and help weight loss. However, dieting alone is not the best way to maximize weight loss – it has to be accompanied by exercise. An article by US News does a good job of explaining the importance of weight loss and how […]

Running with Music

One of the best ways to break up the occasional drudgery of the daily training run is to try running with music. Many runners don’t leave the door without their iPod. However, will running with music actually help you run better? There are numerous studies that have found that running with music gives a psychological […]

Runner’s Resource Interview Series: Running Author Mick Grant