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Does barefoot running prevent or cause injuries?

One of the primary reasons behind the barefoot running movement is the idea that bulky running shoes contribute to injuries. The argument is that running barefoot, or running with ultra minimalist shoes like the Vibram FiveFingers, prevents weakening of foot and ankle muscles caused by shoes that are too supportive. Of course, running shoe aficionados […]

The costly obesity and exercise crises in the U.S.

Many runners are immersed in the world of training runs, races, and workouts. It is easy to become so focused on your running that you fail to understand the real obesity (and exercise) crisis in the U.S. The truth is that most people are not runners – and many engage in no form of exercise […]

Should you run with a cold or the flu?

It is always difficult to know whether to run with a cold or flu. For colds, the general rule is that running doesn’t hurt – and can actually help – if the symptoms are above the neck. If you have a cough, however, it is probably best to take the day off. Flus are a […]

How running makes you a better employee

One goal that every person should have is to maintain work-life balance. If you are not careful, work can easily consume your life giving you little time for family, friends, and of course running. Instead of falling prey to the workaholic mentality, make a point to set aside time for non-work activities. As shown in […]

Are competitive female runners prone to depression?

The Daily Beast has an important article on depression in competitive female distance runners. I have seen the affects that depression can have on people first-hand and it is very sad. With that said, I do not believe that running is itself to blame for depression and suicides. In fact, running is one of the […]

Running is key to slowing the harmful effects of the aging process

A common concern of most people is to find ways to hold off the harmful effects of the aging process. From heart disease, to cancer, to diabetes, the human body is subject to numerous risks as we get older. The New York Times has an interesting article today on just how important exercise, such as […]