Building A Training Base: What Workouts Should I Run?

My experience of the “introductory period” of Coach Hudson’s Run Faster training plan continues. Currently, my running has only included easy runs to build mileage, a few (short) long runs, and a few sessions of hill sprints to build strength and help prevent injury. While my training has been fairly routine during these first few […]

Building a solid base of slow running will get you faster in the future

Run Run Live has a good blog post about the importance of building a strong mileage base of aerobic running. The idea of building a proper base is difficult for many runners.  Long slow running can be monotonous and it takes great patience to run the adequate amount of mileage prior to jumping into speed […]

Build and Maintain a Mileage Base to Improve Your Racing

One of the tough parts about racing is the long period of training leading up to a race. Some runners don’t mind jumping into a race without much fitness, but others want to be in the best shape possible. To avoid the necessary evil of planning out six months of training for one race, make […]