Do Feet Swell During Running?

Runners sometimes hear that it is important to buy running shoes with little extra space for the feet. The thought is that feet swell during running, which can irritate the skin and cause blisters. But is it true that feet swell during running? The answer is: it depends.In a recent study, the precise foot volume […]

When To Buy New Running Shoes

A great way to guarantee injury is to continue running on a worn out pair of running shoes. Old shoes lack necessary shock absorption and do not provide sufficient stability for your foot when you land. This can not only lead to foot injuries, such as plantar fasciitis, but also injuries of the lower leg […]

Minimalist Running Shoes May Give Maximum Benefit

I realize that I just had a post about minimalist/barefoot running, but there appears to be a sudden increase in the number of studies that have examined this issue. A new offers further support to the theory that overly supportive running shoes might not be the best thing for runners. According to the Harvard study […]

Do Running Shoes Cause Injuries?

The general rule of thumb is that running in supportive running shoes is essential if you want to prevent injuries. It does seem intuitive that providing cushioning for feet should help limit the effects of the pounding that causes foot, ankle, and other problems. However, a new study casts serious doubt on the positive affects […]

Barefoot Running

Running shoe companies like to brag about all of the new advancements in running shoe design. From the invention of cutting edge materials for cushioning to fancy “stability” shoes, there have been remarkable improvements in running shoe technology in the last 30 years. However, do these shoes actually help to prevent injuries? Some people say […]

Are Pricey Running Shoes Overrated?

This one is sure to be controversial, but a new study has found that special “motion control” running shoes do not help to prevent injuries in runners. The worst news of the study was the following quote: [Motion control] shoes are specially-designed to make you land on your heel and that’s very artificial…That may impair […]