Want to Reduce Injury Risk? Increase Your Running Cadence

I ignored the knee pain when it first started – the pain was barely noticeable. It was probably just some phantom soreness after a hard run. I still wasn’t too concerned when I felt the pain again the next day during a run.  This time it was a bit more localized on my inner knee, […]

My Training Plan Got Me Injured – What Now? – 30 Minute Runner

If you’ve been following my 30 Minute Runner experiment, you know that I wanted to see how fast I could race a 5k with only 30 minutes of running per day.  In order to give myself the best chance to succeed, I decided to jump right into high intensity interval training workouts to help improve […]

RunnersConnect: My New Runners Knee Battleplan – 30 Minute Runner

If you haven’t been following the saga of my battle with runners knee, here is a brief recap. Last month, I decided to see whether I could run a decent 5k on only 30 minutes of running per day.  My plan was to use high intensity interval training, including the 10-20-30 workout, to maximize my […]

So, My Knee Hurts Again – 30 Minute Runner

When starting the 30 Minute Runner experiment, my hope was to help other runners determine whether it is possible to train effectively for a 5k on 30 minute per day of running. However, the project has sort of devolved into a lesson on why you need a good strength training program prior to starting an […]

Strengthening Hips and Glutes to Treat Runner’s Knee – 30 Minute Runner

So there is good news to report on the injury front.  After taking two days off, I was able to run on Thursday without much pain. I took it pretty easy and paid close attention to my knee to ensure that there was no irritation.  I also tried to keep away from hills and tried […]

I’m hurt! The 4 Stages of Running Injuries – 30 Minute Runner

Well, I wanted the 30 Minute Project to be a real-life training experiment in whether I can run a fast 5k in 30 minutes of running a day. It just got real. My knee is definitely in bad shape. After my workout on Saturday, I tried an easy run of about 4 miles on Sunday. […]