Does a lighter weight running shoe necessarily mean that it’s faster?

When many runners think of a “fast” shoe, they immediately think of a shoe that is lightweight. It seems logical – the lighter the shoe, the easier it is for your legs to pick it up on every stride. However, lighter does not always equal faster. The Boston Globe has a good article on what […]

What are maximalist running shoes?

Now that the rage over minimalist running shoes has lasted a few years, it was only a matter of time before a new fad developed in the opposite direction. Yes, there are now “maximalist” running shoes. Instead of the minimalist principles of reducing excess cushioning and stability to make the foot stronger, maximalist shoes are […]

Study casts doubt on benefits of minimalist running shoes

One of the fiercest debates in running circles is whether minimalist running shoes provide a greater benefit than traditional running shoes. Proponents of minimalist shoes state that they help strengthen the foot and thus cut down on injuries. However many podiatrists caution that minimalist running shoes are not for everyone – especially people who have […]

Minimalist Running Shoes May Give Maximum Benefit

I realize that I just had a post about minimalist/barefoot running, but there appears to be a sudden increase in the number of studies that have examined this issue. A new offers further support to the theory that overly supportive running shoes might not be the best thing for runners. According to the Harvard study […]