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4 Tips for Including Your Kids in Running Workouts

I took the last two days off. 

It wasn’t because of my knee injury – although it could probably use the rest.

The reason for not running the last two days was that I simply did not have the time.

I couldn’t run in the morning because I was busy getting my daughter ready for day care. I couldn’t run at lunch because I had lunch meetings both days. And I couldn’t run home from work because I had to pick up my daughter from day care.

Sometimes – no matter how hard you try – it is so tough to find time to run. The goal of the 30 Minute Runner project is to reduce training time to give me every opportunity to get some running in, but it still doesn’t guarantee that I will have time – especially if I need to use any spare time to watch my daughter.

Even though I failed to find time to run the last two days, here are four tips that can help you find time to run if you’re a parent.

1. Ask Your Kids to Run With You

This option is obviously much easier if your kids are old enough to run at a decent pace. If you think that your kids will have no interest running with you…well…you never know!

Of course, don’t put pressure on your kids to run with you – gentle encouragement will probably be more effective

When I was ten, my dad asked me if I wanted to go on a jog with him. I was so excited that he asked me and it started a weekly Saturday morning routine of running with my dad. It also started my life-long love affair with running.

2. Have Your Kids Bike Next to You

If your kids are too young to run with you, maybe they are old enough to bike next to you. If they are still biking in training wheels, it is best if you utilize this option in a low-traffic area to cut down on safety concerns.

You could make a game in which your kids bike ahead of you and you sprint to catch them – sort of a modified fartlek workout.

3. Take Your Kids to the Track

If your kids are too young to run or bike at a reasonable pace, then take them to track and allow them to play on the infield while you run some laps. The nice part about a track is that you are able to run on a soft surface while keeping a close eye on the young ones.

A track infield might be a good place for your kids to kick a soccer ball or play tag. It’s even better if there is a playground within sight distance of the track.

4. Use a Jogging Stroller

I put this option last because it is probably my least favorite. I simply have not been able to get used to a jogging stroller. Part of my problem is that I really like to run with my arms swinging freely. Having to hold on to a stroller with two hands for the entire run changes my stride.

If you have to use a jogging stroller, the best option is probably the Bob Revolution. It is super sturdy and easy to turn. If you use a jogging stroller, please make sure to lock the front wheel so it does not swivel while you are running.

These are just a few options for incorporating your kids into your workout. Not only will they help you find time to train, but they will set an awesome example for your kids on the importance of exercise.

Now It’s Your Turn:

  • How do you find time to run as a parent?
  • What are some fun ways to include your kids in your workouts?

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