Increase motivation by joining a running group

One of the best cures for a lack of motivation to run is to join a running group. Running groups provide camaraderie and a support system that is impossible to replicate when running by yourself.

Of course, running groups can also have drawbacks if the workouts are not right for your level of running, or the people are not a good fit for you. Instead of signing up for a group blindly, it is best first to attend a few workouts and get a feel for the type of people on the team.

Whatever you do, don’t join a group or team that treats every workout or training run as a race. Racing every run is a great way to get injured. Look for a group with mature people who don’t need their confidence boosted by “winning” each recovery run.

Your and the group’s only focus should be hitting the pace and splits planned by the group’s coach.

A running group can be a huge help to your training – just make sure to choose one that suits you.

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