Running without a watch

One of the easiest things to do during a training program is get caught up in trying to run your fastest time every day. This is especially true if you routinely run the same route day after day. Although it might be human nature to want to set a personal best every time you run, it is not a smart way to train. Unless you are running a workout a normal training day is not supposed to be a race. Instead, you should strive to run by feel. Make sure that you run at a pace in which you could carrying on a conversation without sounding too breathless.

One way to ensure that you are not racing yourself is to leave your watch at home. That way you won’t be tempted to beat your best time. Running without a watch can be a freeing experience. I always notice much more of the scenery during my run when I don’t use a watch. Not keeping track of your running time will enable you to properly use the training run as a rest day between workouts rather than another tempo run.

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