Running and Scoliosis

Is one or your shoulders higher than the other one? Does the height of your hips look uneven? Do you have frequent back pain or hip pain? If you answered yes to these questions, it is possible that you have scoliosis. Scoliosis is a bending or curving of the spine that causes many problems for runners. Some of the most common include severe shoulder and back pain, hip problems such as sacroiliac joint pain, and muscle imbalances – all can make running very difficult if not impossible.

The frustrating thing about scoliosis is that many runners attempt to treat the multitude of injuries and pains that it causes without addressing the root problem of the curved spine. I have a slight scoliosis that has caused numerous hip problems. Invariably, I would go to a chiropractor to get my hip joints and muscles loosen.

While this would take away the pain for a short time, it would always come back; I was treating the symptoms, not the disease. Even more frustrating is that once an individual becomes an adult, the spine and muscles become set, making it very difficult to cure scoliosis.

While body braces are on option for children who are still growing, as an adult, the best treatment plan is to perform physical therapy stretches and strengthening exercises in order to loosen tightened back and hip muscles. Another excellent treatment method is to perform yoga exercises that are specifically designed for the back. Major cases of scoliosis sometimes require surgery, but this surgical procedure is not met for everyone. Although the stretching and strengthening options will not cure scoliosis, they will go a long way to reducing pain and injuries.

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