4 Great Smartphone Holders for Runners

Strava, Runkeeper, MapMyRun, Runtastic, Nike Plus. These are just a few of the great running apps for smartphones. With built in GPS tracking, these apps will record the distance, speed, and routes of your runs. However, in order for the apps to work, a runner must take his or her smartphone along for each run. Due to the size smartphones, carrying them in your hand is not a very good option. So what is the best way to maximize the benefits of running apps while reducing the inconvenience of carrying a smart phone? Below are four different smartphone holders for runners that may help.

SPIbelt – Small Personal Item Belt

The SPIbelt is a belt worn around the waist that has a special carrying pocket for smartphones, keys, credit cards, etc. The belt is made of spandex, which provides a tight fit around a runner’s waist without any bouncing. The SPIbelt is so unobtrusive that you forget that you have it on after a few steps. It easily allows you to carry your smartphone and record your runs with the apps mentioned above.

Go Belt

The Go Belt is an elastic belt with carrying pocket that is similar to the SPIbelt. One of the nice features of the Go Belt is that it has two different zipper departments. This can be helpful if you don’t want to put your keys and smartphone in the same compartment and risk scratching the phone’s screen. The Go Belt also includes elastic loops that allows storage of gel packs, and comes with twist ties that allows you to attach race numbers.


If you don’t like to wear a waist belt to carry your smartphone, you could also consider a armband. One of the best armbands is the Armpocket, which provides a secure fit without much bouncing. The Armpocket looks bulky, but its material is comfortable. One of the nice aspects of the Armpocket is that the front pocket has a clear screen that allows for access to the touchscreen.

Belkin Easefit Armband

The Belkin Easefit is similar to the Armpocket. It provides a snug fit with access to the touchscreen. One key difference is that the Belkin has a shorter strap than the Armpocket, so if you have thick or muscular arms the fit might be a bit too tight.

Each of these smartphone holders for runners will allow you to carry your smartphone, and take advantage of the great running apps on the market.

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