Mensen Ernst: One of the First Professional Runners

One of my all-time favorite little-known runners is Mensen Ernst. Ernst lived from 1795–1843 and was one of the first professional runners. His income usually came from him placing bets on whether he could run a certain distance within a period of time. One of the most interesting Ernst stories is his run from Paris […]

Remembering Rosie Ruiz

The New York City Marathon is this Sunday, November 1. The marathon has had so many amazing runners. Athletes like Bill Rodgers, Grete Waitz, Alberto Salazar, Paula Radcliffe, Martin Lel, and Paul Tergat have produced some of the most incredible performances that the world has ever seen. However, one of the most infamous runners in […]

1885 Training Advice

I have always been fascinated with the history of distance running. Recently, I came across a New York Times article from 1885 that gives training advice. It’s a fun read. The article generally has decent advice (don’t smoke, gradually build up training, etc.). However, the advice about drinking fluids before and after running is..interesting: As […]