About The Runner’s Resource

Welcome to Therunnersresource Runner’s Resource!

My name is Casey and I’m the creator the site. I’ve been a runner for over twenty years. I ran track and cross country in high school and college and have continued to put in (fewer) miles. The picture to the left is me back in college – that was a long time ago!

I set all of my best times during those days when I had more time and a team of guys to run with me.  A full time job and a family makes it difficult to run as fast as I did back then, but that’s okay!

I’ve been working on this site on and off for a little over fifteen years. The goal has always been to share what I have learned about the great sport of running.

I’m not a certified running coach or elite runner, but I feel that I have information to share with other runners.

The great golf teacher Harvey Penick once wrote a book titled “And If You Play Golf, You’re My Friend.” Well, I feel the same about runners, “If you run, you’re my friend.” As a friend, I want you to achieve all of your running and fitness goals, no matter if you are just beginning or an Olympic champion.

If you’re not sure where to go, take a look at my get started page. Also, feel free to contact me through my contact form, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ if you have questions. Also, join my Newsletter for great running advice and information.

In case you’re wondering, my best times are the following (all were set in college):

1500m: 3:50.50
3000m: 8:17:02
5000m: 14:22.88
8k (cross country): 24:07