Running and Asthma

The race has started and you have settled in behind the leaders. After about 5-6 minutes of solid running, you suddenly feel your legs lock up and your breathing become shallower. Soon, you are being passed by runners you should be beating and your breathing gets worse with each step. The race is a disaster.

Some of you know the feeling of asthma…I certaintly do. It’s incredibly frustrating and demoralizing to train hard and not see any results because you are unable to breath in a race. However, there is hope.

There are so many prescription drugs on the market that can change your breathing forever. These medications are broken down into two main categories: 1) Fast-acting drugs like Albuterol, and 2) long-term maintenance drugs called cortisteroids like Azmacort and Flovent. When taken separately or combined they can literally shave minutes off of your time if you are asthmatic. Please do not accept living with asthma! Take the time to see a doctor and get this problem treated!!

This article has excellent information about exercised-induced asthma. Of course, you can always try to cure asthma the natural way too.

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