Half Marathon Pace Chart

In order to maximize your race performance in a half marathon, it is essential that you use a half marathon pace chart. Understanding this chart will help you run even paces throughout the entire 13.1 mile distance.

Without referencing a chart, you risk starting too fast or too slow. If you start too fast, you could exhaust yourself far from the finish. If you start too slow, however, you could leave a lot of time on the course and run slower than your potential.

To use the half marathon pace chart, first determine your goal time for the half marathon. This goal time should be carefully thought out and based on your current fitness. Don’t assume that you can run a time that you ran one year ago if you have not been training at the same level.

Each goal time has a specific mile pace associated with it. So if your goal time is 1:42:00, then you would try to run consistent 7:50 miles. Instead of trying to calculate whether you are running consistent mile paces during the race (i.e. what is 7:50 pace at 5 mile mark?), wear a running watch so that can record your specific splits at every mile.

Half Marathon Pace Chart

Goal Time: 1:12:06 1:14:17 1:16:28 1:18:39 1:20:50 1:23:01 1:25:12
Mile Pace: 5:30 5:40 5:50 6:00 6:10 6:20 6:30
Goal Time: 1:27:24 1:29:35 1:31:46 1:33:57 1:36:08 1:38:19 1:40:30
Mile Pace: 6:40 6:50 7:00 7:10 7:20 7:30 7:40
Goal Time: 1:42:41 1:44:52 1:47:03 1:49:15 1:51:26 1:53:37 1:55:48
Mile pace: 7:50 8:00 8:10 8:20 8:30 8:40 8:50
Goal Time: 1:57:59 2:00:10 2:02:21 2:04:32 2:06:43 2:08:54 2:11:06
Mile pace: 9:00 9:10 9:20 9:30 9:40 9:50 10:00

Using this half marathon pace chart will maximize the chance for you to achieve your half marathon goals and really have fun in the process.

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