Commit to one lifestyle change per month to improve your life

The Huffington Post has an interesting article on college students and exercise. The article provides information on why exercise is so important and also gives lots of tips on how college students can work exercise into their busy schedules. These tips can apply to anyone.

One part of the article talks about a college professor who assigns the “happiness project” to students. 

Professor Betsy Allen-Pennebaker, who in addition to teaching Bodies instructs the first-year Core course Concepts of the Self (COR-110), said she assigns students a “happiness project” each semester to commit to one lifestyle change for a month that they believe will increase their individual happiness.
Most students choose one of two things: get more sleep or get more exercise. At the end of the month, students report on the experience from a psychological and neurological perspective. “All students report significant increase in how happy they are, but additionally how much energy they have, as well as their increased concentration and decreased fatigue in classes,” said Allen-Pennebaker.

Committing to one lifestyle change per month is a really neat idea. Instead of trying to change everything at once (which usually results in failure), choose only one thing you want to change.

One month might be increasing your weekly running mileage. The next month might be getting an extra 30 minutes of sleep per night. The focus in the third month might be to cut down on desserts after dinner. 

After a few months, the happiness project will enable you to make significant lifestyle changes that can last.

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