Running Tips Podcast 004: Setting The Right Running Goals

Most runners know that setting goals is a critical part of a successful training program. Having goals helps to structure your training plan and provides motivation to get out the door and run when you don’t feel like it. However, many runners focus on the wrong types of goals, which can be very harmful on […]

3 Rules That Will Make You a Better Runner

I have decided to take some time off from running and seriously address my runners knee issues with the RunnersConnect Strength Training Program. Although I’m bummed about putting the 30 Minute Runner program on hold, I’m using my pent up energy to catch up on some reading. One book that has caught my attention is […]

How to Choose Running Resolutions You Believe In

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to achieve a specific goal for a race. Sometimes these running resolutions involve big goals – such as running in the New York City Marathon, and sometimes they involve small goals – like finishing a local 5k. But no matter how big or small the resolution, […]

Quiet Your Overactive Mind to Run Fast

Running appears to be such an easy activity – just put one foot in front of the other. However, running can get complicated quickly. Many runners worry about breathing correctly, ensuring that their stride is the correct length, paying far too much attention to rival runners in road races, and allowing negative thoughts to creep […]

Positive Self-Talk While Running

Many runners sabotage their races before they begin. Before they take one step off the start line, they ensure disappointment at the end of the race and confusion about what went wrong. The truth is that these runners’ failures have nothing to do with their physical conditioning, but rather result from not engaging in positive […]

Running Attitude