Is it smart to eat within 30 minutes after running

Properly fueling your body is key to successful running. Not only should you focus on eating the right types of foods pre-run, but you also must plan to re-fuel your body after your run. Some runners mistakenly believe that the body needs food within 30 minutes after a run, but as explained in an article […]

Is a smoothie a good pre-workout meal?

A quality pre-workout meal is an essential factor in having a good run. The meal should provide you with plenty of energy, but also not make you feel bloated or cause you stomach distress. Tara Coleman has a good post on three good pre-workout meal options. One option she mentions is a smoothie that sounds […]

Understand the Glycemic Index to Improve Running

Do you find yourself struggling with energy levels during a run? Do you occasionally feel lightheaded or nauseous during running? Do you want to maximize your recovery after a run? One of the best ways to boost your energy and improve recovery is to understand the glycemic index.The glycemic index assigns a number within the […]