Egoscue and Running Injuries Part 8: The Ultimate Pre-Run Routine


This is part 8 in the Egoscue and Running Injuries blog series.

There is no doubt that this last menu of Egoscue e-cises has been the best menu that Matt has provided to me.  I feel so much more mobile and the aches and pains in my hips and upper back are feeling much improved.

The ability to run five miles without any nagging pains holding me back is incredible and something that I have not experienced in five years.

Granted, five miles is not running a marathon, but it is a massive improvement from where I was and things are just continuing to get better.

The Ultimate Pre-Run Routine

I think the best part of the most recent menu is a series of four different exercises that really an amazing job of getting me loose. They work so well that I have incorporated them into my pre-run stretches. The routine is the following:

    • Spread Foot Forward Bend: This is an awesome stretch that really targets the inner thigh muscles and adductors.  The key is to have a slight arch in your back so that it is not compensating.

      • Runners Stretch: I spoke about this stretch in a prior post and it is an amazing way to really target the hamstrings.  Similar to the Spread Foot Forward Bend, it is critical to keep the arch in your back throughout the entire exercise. I don’t have a video to embed for this one, but the image below shows the sequence:


    • Downward Dog: This stretch is essentially the same as the yoga pose called Downward Facing Dog.  It is a great stretch and strengthening exercise for the back.

These four e-cises do a great job of getting my muscles super loose before a run. The routine takes about 5-6 minutes and is so much more effective that the usual static stretching in my pre-Egoscue days.

Check back for more about my progress to pain free running with Egoscue.

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Disclaimer: This post is part of a collaboration with Oregon Exercise Therapy. All opinions are my own.

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