Do Feet Swell During Running?

Runners sometimes hear that it is important to buy running shoes with little extra space for the feet. The thought is that feet swell during running, which can irritate the skin and cause blisters. But is it true that feet swell during running? The answer is: it depends.In a recent study, the precise foot volume […]

Using Probiotics to Stop Runner’s Trots

We all know the feeling. You are enjoying a nice peaceful run when all of a sudden you notice the horrible sensation of having to go – NOW. Of course, a bathroom is not always nearby, so you are stuck trying to walk home in a lot of pain. Having an episode of the runner’s […]

Dealing with Running Failures

Every runner will experience a running failure. It’s inevitable. Just because you have a goal of running a three hour marathon does not mean that you will actually run three hours Just because you have trained hard for the last two months does not mean that you’ll be immune from an injury that wipes out […]

Athletic Scholarships in the Ivy League

Are you a high school student who wants to receive an athletic scholarship at an Ivy League School? This is a question that many readers have asked about. For those that do not know, the “Ivy League” consists of Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Colombia, Cornell, Brown, Dartmouth, and Penn. Obviously, it would be great if running […]

The Tough Job of the Running Coach

Running coaches have a job that is often misunderstood. When I speak with non-runners one question that occasionally comes up is why running coaches are even needed. To those that have not seriously prepared for a race, training seems incredibly easy: “just run a lot.” This frustrates me because I think running coaches have one […]

Training Tips for an Ultra Marathon

Seattle native Scott Jurek set a new American Record in the 24 hour run last week. Scott ran 165.28 miles in those 24 hours. That works out to be about 6:52 mile pace. Pretty incredible. Scott basically ran more than six 3 hour marathons in a row! The record was set at the International Association […]