Finding time to run after pregnancy

How long does a runner have to wait to race after having a baby? Obviously, this question is best answered by your doctor, but new mothers can generally start training whenever they feel like it. Of course, one big issue that didn’t exist pre-baby is “what do you do with the kid when you need […]

Can mindfulness and meditation cut stress and improve your running?

The Portland Business Journal has an interesting article about how Intel is offering meditation and mindfulness classes to its employees.  The purpose of these classes is to help employees reduce stress and improve working relationships. Marne Dunn, a digital literacy strategic program manager at the Folsom campus, took Awake@Intel twice and has co-taught it. “The […]

Commit to one lifestyle change per month to improve your life

The Huffington Post has an interesting article on college students and exercise. The article provides information on why exercise is so important and also gives lots of tips on how college students can work exercise into their busy schedules. These tips can apply to anyone. One part of the article talks about a college professor […]

New study shows toll that ultramarathons take on the body

A recent study of ultramarathon runners shows how common injuries are among runners who race more than 26.2 miles. The results, which come from the fittingly named ULTRA (Ultrarunners Longitudinal TRAcking) Study, include the health data and running experiences of 1212 ultramarathon runners who had recently completed an ultramarathon. Of that total, 933 reported some […]

Lose weight without exercise? The FTC is not buying it.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has entered into a $26.5 million dollar settlement with Sensa, a business that makes “appetite supressing” powder. The FTC found that the company had engaged in deceptive advertising, including inflating the amount of possible weight loss through the use if its product. Additionally, the company made the common claim that […]

The Negative Effects of Overhydration

There is no question that hydration is essential for optimum running. A runner stands no chance of performing well in workouts or races without proper fluid intake. However, many runners do not understand that overhydration, also known as hyponatremia, can be just as damaging to a runner’s performance as dehydration. Overhydration can result in low […]