Water Running Exercises

One of the best cross training exercises for injured runners is water running, also known as pool running. Water running is great for increasing heart rate without exposing the body to the impact stress of actual running. Water running allows runners to maintain, and even increase, endurance while battling injury.

The best way to water run is to choose a pool that has an open area that is not dedicated to lap swimming. Swim out into deep water so your feet don’t touch and start running in place. In order to stay afloat, use floating devices, such as this aqua jogger.

The resistance from the water does a great job exercising the muscles and the cardiovascular system without the dreaded impact on bones and joints. Try to run in place for at least 30 minutes in order to get the most of your workout.

One of the best ways to water run is to do “pool intervals.” Alternate running fast and slow for the entire 30 minutes in a fartlek type workout. Not only is this a great exercise that helps to raise the heart rate, but it also keeps water running from getting boring.

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