Run Less Run Faster – A Low Mileage Option? – 30 Minute Runner

I recently received an e-mail from a reader who has been following the 30 Minute Runner experiment. She was intrigued by the goal of figuring out the best low mileage training options and asked whether I had read the book Run Less Run Faster by Bill Pierce, Scott Murr, and Ray Moss. I had never […]

The 12 week marathon training program

The Daily Coloradoan has an interesting article about tips for marathon training. One great part of the article is a breakdown of a sensible twelve week marathon training program. It can be difficult to know how to correctly train for marathon. The 26.2 mile distance is intimidating. However, a high quality training program can be […]

Want to run a fast marathon? Pay attention to the altitude of the course

When choosing a marathon, many runners look for races that are close to their homes or ones in which their friends are running. However, in order to ensure the best time possible, it is also important to pay attention to the altitude of the race course. A recent study shows just how important altitude is […]

Marathon Entry Requirements

The Boston Marathon Blog has an interesting post today that asks the question: “Can Anybody Run a Marathon?” The post examines the problem of runners who enter and run in marathons without sufficient training. The article highlights the difficulties of marathon running and quotes experts who take a dim view of untrained marathon runners. “There […]

Marathons and Heart Attacks

A reader asks: Can you explain why, in many big marathons, there is at least one runner who suffers a heart attack? I thought that running is supposed to be good for your heart. I always feel awful when I read those news stories. Perhaps the greatest shock for me was when Ryan Shay, an […]