McMillan Running Calculator

The McMillan Running Calculator is one of the best running calculators on the internet. The calculator was created by Greg McMillan, who is one of the best coaches in the U.S. Unlike other calculators that merely tell you the pace that you have to run to achieve a certain goal time, the McMillan Running Calculator provides a wealth of valuable training information.

The highlights include: goal race pace time, a prediction of other race times, and recommendations for training paces.

Race Pace Calculation
For example, if you have recently run a 45 minute 10k, and want to lower your time by 5 minutes, you would input your current and goal 10k times on the first page.
McMillan Running Calculator example 1
After you hit the “Calculate My Pace” button, the McMillan Running Calculator will tell you that you need to run about 6:26 mile pace to run a 40 minute 10k.McMillan Running Calculator example 2

McMillan Running Calculator Race Predictor
Another great aspect of the McMillan Running Calculator is that it will also give you predictions for your times at other race distances. For example, in the example of the 45 minute 10k, the calculator provides estimated times for other distances.
McMillan Running Calculator example 3
One thing to keep in mind is that the calculator is more accurate for distances that are closer to your sample distance (i.e. 5k and half marathon in our example). The calculator also provides estimated times for various races that equate to your goal time (40 minute 10k in our example).
McMillan Running Calculator example 4

Training Pace Recommendations
The thing that really sets the McMillan Running Calculator apart from other online calculators is its ability to provide recommended workout paces. These recommendations can be accessed by clicking the “Training Paces” tab on the left part of the page.

For example, in our 45 minute 10k time example, your proper training paces should be between 8:03 and 9:03 per mile for easy runs, 7:13-7:31 for tempo runs, and the calculator lists the specific times you should run for track intervals.
McMillan Running Calculator example 5Runners should check on the McMillan Running Calculator’s training pace recommendations every time they have tangible proof of improved fitness (i.e. best time set in race, time trial, fast workout, etc.).

These training pace suggestions are really valuable information that enables you to properly plan and target your training. Adhering to the pace recommendations will help prevent over training and will also ensure that you are running fast enough to achieve your goals.

I think the McMillan Running Calculator is one of the best training tools out there. I hope you give it a look.

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