The Best Running Dogs

Running with a dog can be a great way to motivate yourself to commit to a training program. Although it may be hard for you to run for yourself, knowing that a faithful companion is counting on receiving his or her exercise for the day through a run will help you get out the door. […]

The Internet and Running

It is easy to take excellent running web sites for granted. Fewer than 15 years ago, there was almost nothing that qualified as a “running web site.” All information about training principles, racing, and injuries was contained in running books or magazines. With the rise of the internet, runners have access to a wealth of […]

Returning to running

One of the most common stories in my local running club is “How I returned from running.” The story usually begins with how the person ran during high school, or even college, and then stopped. This running break often lasts as long as 15-20 years. These runners cite all kinds of reasons for getting back […]

Running Blind

Take a look at this inspiring story that is fitting on the 65th Anniversary of D-Day. Capt. Ivan Castro was blinded in Iraq, but that has not stopped him from running marathons with the help of his best friend. If you ever need a little motivation to get out the door, think about people like […]

Running on an amputated leg

Want some motivation? Read this article. Tom White decided to ampute his leg that was mangled in a terrible accident. The main reason for the amputatation? To be able to run again. His dream was to run a marathon. It’s an amazing story, and something that really makes you appreciate running. For three months he […]