Want to run a fast marathon? Pay attention to the altitude of the course

When choosing a marathon, many runners look for races that are close to their homes or ones in which their friends are running. However, in order to ensure the best time possible, it is also important to pay attention to the altitude of the race course. A recent study shows just how important altitude is […]

Study: Cycling is better than running. What do you think?

Cyclists and runners both like to think that their preferred mode of exercise is the best. However, a recent study offers support that cycling is the optimal way to invest your exercise time. According to principal investigator Professor David Nieman at the ASU HPL the results showed that cycling allows the body to exercise for […]

Five great reasons to run when you don’t feel like it

The Guardian has an interesting article on five reasons why runners should not give up on running. It can be easy to make up an excuse for missing a run, whether it be feeling tired, convincing yourself that running is bad for you (“hurts the knees”), or assuming that the weather is too bad for […]

Why is exercise good for the body? The answer may lie in a tiny molecule.

Why is exercise so good for the body? The answer has surprisingly perplexed scientists for years. however new research on the cellular level is shedding light on why exercise is so beneficial. According to an article in the Boston Globe, the key may lie in a small molecule abbreviated BAIBA. The researchers are still far […]

At what age do runners reach the peak of their physical ability?

There’s no doubt that age is an important factor in running fast.  A 25-year-old runner will generally run faster than a 65-year-old runner – even if both runners have the same training program. There is a reason why there is a separate masters division ain many races. But at what age do runners the height […]

The Negative Effects of Overhydration

There is no question that hydration is essential for optimum running. A runner stands no chance of performing well in workouts or races without proper fluid intake. However, many runners do not understand that overhydration, also known as hyponatremia, can be just as damaging to a runner’s performance as dehydration. Overhydration can result in low […]