At what age do runners reach the peak of their physical ability?

There’s no doubt that age is an important factor in running fast.  A 25-year-old runner will generally run faster than a 65-year-old runner – even if both runners have the same training program. There is a reason why there is a separate masters division ain many races. But at what age do runners the height […]

Build and Maintain a Mileage Base to Improve Your Racing

One of the tough parts about racing is the long period of training leading up to a race. Some runners don’t mind jumping into a race without much fitness, but others want to be in the best shape possible. To avoid the necessary evil of planning out six months of training for one race, make […]

Using a Marathon Pace Chart

One of the most critical factors in running a successful marathon is to run an even pace. If you want to run a 3 hour marathon, try to run consistent 6:52 miles. If you want to run a 4 hour marathon, try to run consistent 9:09 miles. Running an even pace will allow you to […]

Developing a Summer Racing Schedule

Spring is finally here. The weather is turning nicer and it is becoming easier to get out the door for runs. It a great time to think about summer races. But prior developing your summer racing schedule, it is important to consider the dates, distance, and locations of your races.Dates: It is important to give […]

A Thank You to Race Volunteers

In order for a runner to run a great race, so many things to go right. For example, a runner must have had months (or years) of solid training, injuries leading up to the race have to heal quickly, the runner must be careful not to get sick in the days leading up to the […]

Energy Gels and Race Performance

A common rule of thumb for many runners is that carbohydrate supplementation through the use of energy gels is important for races that exceed one hour. Energy gels come in many different packages and flavors, but all are loaded with carbohydrates (some also add protein) for hard working muscles. But does consuming energy gels during […]